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The Northern California, Central California, and the Bay Area counties are solid Long Term Growth Markets.

We are extremely excited about the short- and long-term opportunities in the Central Valley area. We have worked in the California market for 30+ years with many of our clients and would love to help you find the perfect property.

How we work: What type of Property?

We specialize in

Single Family homes
Small Apartment Buildings.

We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of property and create a customized search that meets your unique objectives.

For Sale Off Market

When you are working with us you will be notified of any new listings that we are taking. Some of these listings will never make it on to the MLS. This is just another service that we provide to our clients to give you an advantage over your competition.

Choosing a Neighborhood

Although it may appear there are quite a few properties available in each area.  The problem being that many of the properties simply do not make sense financially. We can *guide you towards the perfect blend of quality of neighborhood verses cash flow. This is a particularly important step because at a certain price point in the market the prices start to escalate quickly while rents barely increase. This is the point of diminishing returns. Through our local market expertise, we can effectively help you achieve that perfect blend of quality verses cash flow according to your comfort level.

* This is best achieved by touring our target areas together. We can set up a half-day tour of your target areas.

By the end of the tour, we will be on the same page about the quality of neighborhood you are comfortable with and make finding your property dramatically easier. To better understand this concept, I rate neighborhoods by the relationship between cash flow and price. This can be illustrated by using a visual of the old Monopoly game board.

Neighborhood Ratings

In Zip Codes on my scale between 3-5, there is the best blend between an affordable price and cash flow. The higher on this subjective scale you go the better the neighborhood is but cash flow is generally reduced exponentially in neighborhoods above a 5 on my scale. Neighborhoods below 3 on my scale may have higher crime rates and a greater chance of vandalism.

You may decide to focus on neighborhoods higher or lower on this scale. There is no single right answer. *DO NOT ASK US ABOUT Race, Religion, or National Original we cannot legally discuss these topics with you, and our neighborhood ratings are based on Cash Flow. We are an Equal Opportunity Brokerage and will not discriminate in the representation of buyers or sellers.

Direct MLS Access

You will never miss out on another Property with our 24 hours a day live feed to the actual local Area MLS! * You will even have the ability to create your own searches directly.

To help you make the most of your portal we have created a video tutorial. Click on the picture below to see a tutorial of our MLS Portal and a video of the most important functions.

Currently Available Multifamily Properties

The properties below are a great way to get started today looking at Multifamily Properties in Sacramento Counties. We can set you up on a much more precise and robust search once we better understand what you are looking for.


Sacramento County Duplex


Sacramento County Fourplex


Sacramento County 5 or more units


Rent Analysis

Rentometer Pro Analysis

The rents are one of the most import variables to consider in buying an investment property. If they are too low it is difficult to make a profit with the investment. If the rents are too high you will have a high turnover rate. If you are making a purchase decision based on the rent numbers, we want to make sure you can duplicate the current rents with a new tenant if the existing tenant moves out. To help you with this analysis we will provide a free rent analysis to let you see how the current rents compare with the fair market rents in the area. This will also help identify properties with upside potential.

MLS Unit Mix Report

The MLS Unit Mix Rent report is a good tool to use along with our Rental Analysis report. The Rental Analysis Report is an aggregation of multiple on-line for rent websites this report has current and past rental comps. This data can be compared to the actual rents for similar properties that are in the MLS to quickly see which properties have the most upside potential when repositioning the property.

Neighborhood Rent Profiles Report

This report is available by request for our clients. If you are having a hard time deciding between several neighborhoods this report will give you the average rent by unit size for 1,2-,3-, and 4-bedroom properties. By comparing your top 2 or 3 areas often the numbers will help you make a better decision. This report is also a good companion report to our MLS properties Rent Report. Used together you can more easily identify properties with Rental Value Add potential.

Click here to get a FREE Rent Analysis report.

FREE Rent Analysis

Financial Analysis

GRM Reports

We do the preliminary analysis of hundreds of investment properties in 8 counties every 2 weeks to save you time and to give you a better idea of what the going rates are for various market areas and for each of the different types of properties. When you see one you want more information on you can contact us for more information. If you’d like to sign up for this service fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Property History Report

The property history report will help to identify properties that might be nearing the point where a price reduction is predicted. This report will help identify properties where the price might be a little softer. This report is available by request.

30 Day Market Trend Reports

The 30 Day Market Trend reports for Duplexes, Triplexes, is a good companion report to use along with our GRM reports. The 30 day market trends reports will help you keep on top of the MICRO Trends as they start to appear and will help you to make offers that are more likely to be in touch with the current direction the market is taking and inventory levels. If you are working with us you will automatically be subscribed to these reports. If you are not yet working with us fill out the form below to be added to our HOT LIST!

Perform a cash flow analysis

For those that are interested in financial analysis this is a link to a very effective free cash flow software Site:


Free market trends report for our Valued Investor clients!

Our clients who understand the trends are much more successful in getting their offers accepted at the right price!


Writing an Offer

Your Offer

Having successfully closed hundreds of small investment properties in the past few years we know how to write offers that will get accepted. We can also give you statistical information and recent comparable sales that show the relationship between list price and sales price in the neighborhood you are making an offer on. In this way, you will not overpay but will make offers consistent with current market trends. In addition, you will receive detailed print outs of each of the comparable sales with details and pictures.

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Please provide as much information as possible in the message section about what you are looking for. DId you want to sign up for off market deals? Or for our twice monthly GRM analysis updates? Please let us know in the message section.


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