Thinking of Selling?


With hundreds of Multifamily sales we have the experience to get your property sold!

 We specialize in working with investors who are interested in Multi-family properties in the Greater Sacramento & Stockton Areas. 

If you have considered selling your Sacramento Area Investment property
I would love to discuss your options with you.

  • Whether you want to Trade Up with a 1031 Tax deferred Echange
  • Move your investments from one area to another.
  • Change from one type of real estate to another
  • Liquidate all or part of your porfolio
  • Are struggling and want to explore your options to avoid foreclosure like a short sale (even if you have no equity).

We more than likely can come up with a solution to help you achieve your goals!

So, What makes us different?


We Have the Systems In Place!

Anyone can say that they know how to effectively market your investment property, but I have found in my nearly 30 years in the real estate business that if someone occasionally sells this type of property it is not practical for them to invest the time and resources into the tools and systems necessary to allow you to achieve the optimal result.

Most other agents are doing very little else to sell your property besides placing it in the MLS and waiting for someone else to bring a buyer.

We have a marketing system specifically dedicated to attracting new investors and putting your properties information in front of these qualified investors. Between Ron & Shawn have more than 500 investors on our investor Hot List and that number is growing daily.

The Proof is in the Pudding

We will gladly compare our track record against any of our competitors. We will provide a detailed list of all the multi-family properties we have sold and our objective performance statistics.

Of the most recent 75 multi-family listings that were placed in the MLS, We found the buyer ourselves 12 times.

Our Experience, Systems, Negotiating Style and Vendor List will help to save You Money!

During the period starting from 1999 until now the Average Sales price of the total market compared to the average list price was 96.57% during this same period of time our average sale price was 97.63. This means that our clients netted on average 1.05% more by using us rather than our competitors. This also means that when we tell you a price we are not telling you only what you want to hear to get the listing. We will give you a range. The top of the range is optimistic, and we are very confident we can generate an offer within the range we provide.*

I have multiple buyers waiting for new listings and may already have a buyer who would be willing to make an offer at or above current Fair Market Value.


 Many times, we don’t even have to put your property on the MLS! This can help keep the tenants from being bothered any more than is necessary. When we add in the additional 25 Off Market sales that we have put together in the past few years we find the buyer ourselves nearly 40% of the time. When we do sell your property to one of our investors we can pass along some  additional savings to you too!

*Data statistics pulled from our local MLS 05/02/2018

A Complete Analysis

When we analyze your property, we don’t just pull comparable sales. We also consider your rents. We will capitalize the rents as a secondary means of estimating the value of

the property. We know buyers are doing this because we provide this type of report to our buyer clients every 2 weeks. If your rents are well below market, we will coach you on what you can do in the short term and the long term to maximize your sales price.

 Please call me today or fill out the contact sheet below if you would like me to research the current market value of your property and to see if I can get you an offer to purchase without needing to list your property.

If I do not have an immediate match and you decide to list your property, when I market multi-family properties I typically take pictures or video the interior of all units and have interested parties view the pictures or video.  Once they make an offer we schedule interior inspections. This way we do not disturb the tenants unless someone is serious enough to have written an offer with terms that are acceptable to you.

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